Rapid Adjustment

By Timothy Phares
OBO Project Director Matt Roy, Project Manager Jamison Taylor, and EPAP FM Gillian Regal (top, left) host an All Hands Meeting to restart a project at Embassy Nairobi. Photo courtesy of OBO

Tapping Potential

OBO Project Director Matt Roy, Project Manager Jamison Taylor, and EPAP FM Gillian Regal (top, left) host an All Hands Meeting to restart a project at Embassy Nairobi. Photo courtesy of OBO By Megan Byrley “Those...
Missions worldwide celebrated LE Staff/FSN Recognition Day in unique ways, Nov. 18. Photo by State Magazine

LE staff/FSNs honored around the world

By Daniele Schoenauer Locally Employed (LE) staff represent two-thirds of all Department of State employees; they are the institutional knowledge and backbone of every Mission. Held in 2019, the inaugural LE Staff/Foreign Service National (FSN)...
Lt. Col. Robert C. Perry (center, blue shirt) and Defense Attaché Office Coordinator Meri Perisić (left) receive seeds and potato slips being prepared for distribution in Berane, Montenegro. Photo courtesy of Jelena Krivčević

Seeds of Diplomacy

By Michael P. Murphy
From left: Management Officer Amber Conway, Deputy Chief of Mission Pamela Hack, Staff Sergeant Elizabeth Dollinger, Public Affairs Officer Tanya Brothen, Ambassador Lucy Tamlyn, Office Management Specialist Liliana Carlson, and Political/Economic/Consular Officer Emily Hennell from Embassy Bangui celebrate International Women’s Day, Oct. 6. Photo courtesy of Embassy Bangui

Embassy Bangui celebrates Women’s Day

By Tanya Brothen When Embassy Bangui made plans to celebrate International Women’s Day—recognized worldwide on March 8—they did not know it would be disrupted by a global pandemic and post’s subsequent ordered departure. Bangui—along with...

Healthcare panel strengthens U.S-India ties

Speaking from Embassy New Delhi, Deputy Chief of Mission Edgard Kagan moderated a discussion among high-level officials from the U.S. and Indian governments, and U.S. industry leaders on regional healthcare investments as the foundation...


By Tim Johnson Fondly known by locals as the “bush capital,” Canberra’s name derives from a Ngunnawal word meaning “meeting place,” coined by the original custodians of the land who have called the area home...

Retirements | December 2020

Civil Service Bailey, Carlton D.Bero, Ellen Y.Bradford, Kathleen C.Caul, Patricia T.D’auria, Vincent P.Edwards, Roger L.Glee, Jamie A.Krooswyk, Linda J.Martin, Barbara H.Otto, Robert C.Raynes, Sandra Thomas, Willie J. Foreign Service Coley, Theodore R.Demars, Caron M.Doyle, Kevin M.Favret, Thomas R.Feldman,...
A delegation from the UAE arrives in Israel to participate in the signing ceremony of four agreements relating to investment, scientific cooperation, civil aviation, and visa exemptions as part of the Abraham Accords, Oct. 20. Photo by Matty Stern

Making History

By Kristin Stewart, Karin Ehlert, and Latoya Belle The Abraham Accords—the recent peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain—were formalized in a ceremony at the...
Badye and Hella Ladhari comfort each other outside of Embassy Tunis in the aftermath of the attack, September 2012. Photo by Lucia Piazza

‘Heroes’ initiative honors local staff

By Ruben Harutunian An angry group of protesters assembled outside of Embassy Tunis, Sept. 14, 2012. Some of the protesters were violent—climbing over the embassy’s perimeter wall, burning embassy-owned motor pool vehicles, and attempting to...

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